Our Customers

We are a proud supplier of glass bottles and bulb shells to renowned companies in Bangladesh and the world. Some of our clients:


Hamdard Bangladesh"We are delighted to work with Bengal Glass because of its outstanding service and sincerity as well as its utmost commitment to quality. Packaging is a very important part in every industry, especially the pharmaceuticals industry. It is very important to package all the medicine in 'Pharma - Grade' packaging materials. As always, Bengal Glass has been playing a huge role in our packaging needs by providing us quality Pharma Grade glass bottles."

- Mohammad Zamal Uddin (Russell), Director - Planning & Development, Hamdard Bangladesh.

Sanofi Aventis"Whenever we think of Moulded Glass Bottles, the first name that comes into our mind is Bengal Glass. First and most important reason is that Bengal Glass produces high quality glass. We have been using their bottle for decades without any quality complaint. Space is a big constraint for Glass bottle storage for any company, in such situation a supplier with minimum lead-time like Bengal Glass is always preferable. Recently they have improved their capacity which is ensuring continuous supply. What I like most about Bengal Glass is their continuous improvement - they are becoming more and more customer centric and the commitment from their top management is praise worthy. I wish Bengal Glass every success in its journey onward. "

- Golam Muhammad Arif, Manager Purchasing, Sanofi Aventis.

The Acme Pharmaceuticals Ltd"Bengal Glass is not only a supplier to us; rather we treat them as our business partner. Most of our liquid medicine is packed with the glass bottles supplied by them. Bengal Glass has always served us with their best efforts and sometimes they have even changed their production schedule to meet our request. The service and quality we receive from Bengal Glass has set them apart from other suppliers."

- A.K.M.Mushiur Rahman Khan, General Manager - HR, Procurement & Planning, The ACME Group.